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Military Combat Training with Spyder Paintball Markers

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Spyder MRX paintball markers are the preferred choice for combat engineer training

Baldwin Park, CA – Kingman Group recently supplied Spyder MRX™ paintball markers for a military combat engineer training weekend. The request came in as follows, “Can you guys provide a paintball marker that feels realistic to our issued weapons, provides an impact, and operates at an affordable price?” The answer was simple, we offered up the Spyder MRX™, a tactical powerhouse featuring the “DLS” Dual Loading System. This unique patent pending system enabled the soldiers to interchange the loading system with a quick turn of the barrel; allowing them to switch from the traditional hopper fed paintball system to the all new 10-round lower magazine feed system.

Sergeant First Class JJ Brookshire was on site at Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, CA to prepare more than 100 soldiers for a weekend of combative military training. The platoons were responsible for laying minds, defending positions, clearing rooms and searching for caches of weapons. JJ adds, “Historically the military has used the laser tag MILES system and Simunitions for training. With the MILES system, it’s affordable but there is no impact. With Simunitions you get the impact but it’s extremely expensive. The Spyder MRX works out great. It has a good feel and mimics our issued weapons with the magazine feed. With the Spyder MRX paintball markers we are saving money and getting good valuable training at the same time.”

Check out the documentary style video clip with coverage from the combat engineer training weekend. We are honored and proud to support the United States military forces. For more information on the products used for the US Armed Forces combative training excercise please visit to check out the Spyder MRX, MRX Elite, HighLite Goggles and more.

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